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Our experience started in 2013 when we gave our passion for healthy food a form.

One Stop Nature, Inc is a New York based distributor/manufacturer offering a variety of healthy, organic, natural and eco-friendly products including its own brands such as Chameleon Popcorn and Village Macaroons. We’re a dedicated team to the cause of distributing highly selective, both health conscious and environmentally sustainable products by carefully following the market trends and listening to each customer’s demand.
Our experience started in 2013 when we gave our passion for healthy food a form. We are an independently-owned company giving a positive vibe to challenging projects and turning them into success stories. With our in-house Research & Development and Quality Control team, our utmost goal is to develop top quality, trendy and healthy products to promote well-being and enriched life style.
Above brands have been performing extremely well in the New York area for the past 4 years for its quality and uniqueness. Not only that, our product portfolio contains more than 1,000 products from up to 100 noticeable brands that are certified Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Vegan, Yeast free, Dairy free and even some Raw. Our philosophy is to serve life’s moment with unique, sensory experience through our delectable and responsible products.

Our Specialization

We’re known as one of few DSD (Direct Store Delivery) Distributor in the area that promises Next day delivery. Through our prestigious delivery system, we’ve established trust with our customers by providing what they just need on a timely and professional manner.
We take pride in keeping very close relationships with our customers, as our sales professionals take orders on their foot every day, carefully listening each customer’s voice while tracking ever-changing market trends and effectively generating sales. Combined with our outstanding network system, we distribute to a large variety of retailers including chain stores, supermarkets, natural markets, delis, green grocers, mom and pop, bodegas, cafeterias and gyms.
Lastly, we commit to a successful brand building and continue to strengthen our existing portfolio. We collaborate with marketing specialists to penetrate our supplier brands to a larger market based on trustworthy and friendly relationships across partners and clients through efficient promotions, demonstrations and active branding.


Our portfolio contains over 1,000 products from traditional favorites to the latest trends, which are certified Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten free, Vegan, Yeast free, Dairy free and even some Raw. We’re recognized and loved by our customers for our selective specialty items, yet does not fail to offer a wide range of collection. All products that have been with us from the beginning successfully established their brand in NY-Tri State area and continue to work together as we highly value a long-term partnership with our suppliers. New products are brought in every month by our procurement department based on its careful value analysis and rigorous market research. From local start-up partners and national brands, One Stop Nature Promises to bring the most innovative and wholesome products to New York market as a pioneering health product distributor.

Our Mission

We believe in the riches that Nature bestowed upon us through the healthy and organic ingredients and upholding friendly relationships with our partners.

As a passionate leader of healthy and eco-friendly product distribution, we’re on a continuous mission to promote health-conscious and sustainable living in our community through our excellent service and commitment to great customer satisfaction and harmonious collaboration with partners.