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Base Culture

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Paleo is our passion. At Base Culture, we are dedicated to giving you the tools needed to help embrace an all-natural and healthy lifestyle, WITHOUT having to compromise on taste. We believe food should be consumed as nature intended. Simple, minimal and without artificial ingredients and preservatives. Simple Ingredients


Our gluten free raw almond butters are made with 2 main ingredients. They are; almonds and water. Only natural sugars are used to sweeten our products. Paleo Recognition This is 100% certified paleo almond butter.

Here at Base Culture, we love giving you ways to make living a healthy lifestyle a little bit easier by bringing you paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, delicious food you can enjoy. So, if you’ve become bored with breadless eating, we’ve got some food for thought that’s guaranteed to freshen up your next BLT.

We do everything in house to ensure the quality of our products are held to the highest of standards. Each step of the process is done under one roof to allow us to have control over every aspect of the production of our food.

We combine a winning combination of whole food ingredients producing protein, fiber, no artificial ingredients or preservatives and made with minimal ingredients.


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